Welcome! I am an applied interdisciplinary environmental health researcher with training and experience in quantitative and qualitative methods. I am currently a research scientist affiliated with the School of Medicine, Woods Institute for the Environment and King Center for Global Development and a member of the Maternal and Child Health Research Institute. I received my PhD in Environment and Resources at Stanford in June 2019, with advising from Stanford faculty Stephen Luby, Scott Fendorf, Nicole Ardoin, and Johns Hopkins faculty Peter Winch.

I am passionate about making an impact in my research and equally committed to mentoring and training the next generation of environmental problem solvers. I have addressed global environmental health problems, particularly contaminants in air, water, soil, and food, with a recent emphasis on lead exposure. I have conducted research in South Asia, East Africa, Central America and the Pacific. I currently manage a research portfolio of related projects aimed at reducing the human and planetary health burden of lead pollution in South Asia over the period 2018-2026. With in-country partners, my primary achievement over the past 5 years has been to get the lead out of turmeric in Bangladesh.

Read more about my work and impact in The Economist, Environmental Health News, Undark, Stanford Medicine, Think Global Health, Vox, Effective Altruism, The Washington Post, and The Scientist.